When I first met with Sharon & Robbie (better known as Shabbie) we spent hours just chatting about our mutual obsession with Japan before realising we should probably actually talk about their wedding at some point – haha!

      These two are proudly and wonderfully unconventional, rocking a bright and colourful wedding day to match their megawatt smiles (can we just take a moment to appreciate Sharon’s pink & purple space buns!?) They each donned their own palette of reds and blues with Sharon wearing a traditional Chinese-Malay outfit, and then brought it all together with some Australian natives as their flowers – each element a tribute to their rich and mixed heritages. Oh, also.. Sharon caught an Uber to her wedding… legend!

      They split their wedding over two days – a small, relaxed riverside wedding on the Saturday, followed by a warm and sunny lunch at Roma Street Parklands on the Sunday (in the middle of winter, mind you, but you wouldn’t have known it!)

      I hope you enjoy their day (and Sharon’s hair!) as much I did.

       Sharon’s Outfit: J Manik | Hair cut & colour: Tara Maree Hair | Hair styling: Rachel Vogt | Flowers: The Lush Lily | Robbie’s Suit: Studio Italia | Robbie’s Tie: David Jones | Ceremony Venue: The Landing at Dockside | Picnic Venue: Roma Street Parklands | Celebrant: Erin Woodhall | Transport: Uber | Rings: Jason Ree


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      Absolutely love your work Sophie, best photographer ever!!! <3

      Brilliant, Sophie!! You did a fantastic job!!

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