I was reluctant to go. I had so much work to get done, I was so busy, I hate leaving things unfinished. A cruise? It’s just so ‘not me’, it’s so.. touristy. What was I thinking?

      But the date rolled around, I packed my bags and boarded the boat, along with 16 friends who also managed to spare the time and cash. And, to my complete surprise, I absolutely loved it.

      Not because we lived a life of glamour; lounging on deck chairs all day and shuffling our way through a buffet 3 times a day. But because it forced my reluctant self to switch off from the noise of the working world for an entire week. No phone, no emails – literally nothing to do. It forced me to take time out. The first two days were uncomfortable, and then, I never wanted it to end.

      Because what’s left when your hectic working world melts away? All of the little things, the most important things. You have the entire day to just sit, and appreciate. The rich emerald of the water, the way the air wraps around you as the sun sets, the single bird that has travelled for days without resting on land, the soft rocking of the boat as you fall asleep in your bed, the excitement of exploring the unknown, the 16 incredible people who had travelled from near and far, that you get to spend every second of your day with, without the distraction of your phone – that noisy, rude little machine.

      It was a refreshing, restorative week. And I had set myself a personal challenge: shoot film. Only film. No digital cameras travelled with me. And I am so glad. Come peek into my world.



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      Awesome pictures. Made me remember my last ship: Pacific Pearl. :)

      Fabulous montage Soph! Stunning photos as always! Looks like you all had a fantastic well earned break!