Let’s set the scene:

Dave loves Kezia. Kezia loves Dave.

Kezia designs clothes.

Dave organises a “fashion shoot” for Kezia with me.

Kezia decides she’d rather a couple’s shoot with Dave (and plays straight into our hands ;) )

After Kezia locks in her preferred location, Dave, myself and his band of merry proposal muskateers gather early in the morning at the location to lock in the game plan. Hiding places are picked, action queues are determined.
It’s go time.

The session starts as normal, and then, as the action queue is played out, the proposal muskateers make their way out of hiding with guitar, ring and iPhones in hand… and Kezia said yes.

Dave wrote a proposal song for Kezia, and this is what he sung to her before he popped the question, you can find the video of him singing this song to her at the bottom of this post :)


Kelsie & Ryan eloped on their property in Broken Head, NSW with only their two closest friends as witnesses (and me!).
The morning was spent altogether in their cosy little home before a late-morning stroll down to the fig tree for a first-look and their intimate “I do’s”. We then roamed their property at midday making portraits (which were also pseudo-family portraits with Kelsie having the sweetest six month bump!)

It was the loveliest of days, and I’m so thankful to have been there.
Thank you Kelsie, Ryan & bub!

Jane & Simon had their first date on Mount Tamborine and have visited regularly ever since, so it made sense to do their engagement shoot there too. It rained all day and I thought we may need to reschedule, but with a few hours to spare the clouds cleared and we were able to head out and make some magical photos, and return to the same spot where they had their first date – the hang gliders lookout.


Diana and Roland moved to Australia from Hungary for different reasons, and when they reconnected with each other on Aussie soil they quickly found themselves falling in love. Before long, Roland got down on one knee and they found themselves eloping in the Gold Coast Hinterlands at The Old Church – and they invited me!

Dia & Roli – you two are magical, and I’m thankful to have met you.

Enjoy x

Diana & Roland also have a feature on Polka Dot Bride, check it out >> here <<


Ed and Janet are getting married next year in Hong Kong, but with them both residing on Aussie shores we spent an afternoon in the green and gold of Queensland making some pre-wedding images in the country they call home. We started the shoot making wedding portraits under the Jacarandas (the distinct purple dusting of an Australian spring) before heading over to Currumbin Alley for something a little more fun.

There’s some real goodness in this one!



002-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 003-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 004-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 005-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 006-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 007-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 008-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 009-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 010-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 011-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 012-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 013-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 014-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 015-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 016-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 017-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 018-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 019-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 020-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 021-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 022-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 023-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 024-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 025-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 026-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 027-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 028-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 029-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 030-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 031-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 032-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 033-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 034-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 035-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 036-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 037-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 038-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography 039-ed-janet-currumbin-wedding_sophie-baker-photography