I really do love my clients! I get to meet the most amazing people, and they say some pretty lovely things…


sammy + rhys.

“Soph!!!! My god you have completely exceeded our expectations. That slideshow blew our mind – we were both blithering, crying idiots by the end of it! I can’t believe what an amazing job you did. We really can’t thank you enough. Where can I sing your praises??”



clint + tanya.

“SOPHIE BAKER I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our parcel just arrived and I am bawling my eyes out with happiness and overwhelming love!! The photo album is truly incredible and something I will treasure always! There are no words! Thank you!!!!! I seriously will never forget what you have done for us. You captured our love in a way no other person could. I am your biggest fan and will promote and support you in every way possible. I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”


Sophie Baker Photography©

trish + rob.

“OH MY GOSH!! Sophie, you have made me cry the happiest of tears. When you were recommended to us I could never have imagined how much you would be able to capture. How such a petite frame as yours can hold so much talent is beyond me. Rob and I are a pretty “boring” couple in the scheme of things and are both pretty shy, but you would never pick that by what you have highlighted. Izzy loves all the shots of her, she’s looking forward to her turn at show and tell at school so that she can show them off”



karla + dave.

“Wow wow wow, Sophie. I have found myself lost in the incredible joy and kindness that you have shared with Karla and I. Your passion for your art and your gentle, jovial outlook adds another dimension to not only the images but the experience of a life time that we are privileged to now cherish for ever. I can’t take my eyes off Karla’s smile, the sparkle in her eye’s, the warmth on her cheek and the stillness of time that surrounds us. Your humble approach to your craft is uniquely captured in a way that goes well beyond the lens of a camera and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to share the perfect day with you. Enjoy your time in the editing cave, we look forward to seeing you again very soon. Thank you Sophie.”



josh + shay.

“Hi Soph! The photos look great, they captured the moment perfectly and pictured us as who we are, which is exactly what we were after. We really enjoyed our afternoon/night. It was a pleasure meeting you and we love your style of photography, it is so natural and has a very genuine feel to it. I researched a LOT of different photographers, probably about 20-30 and your work stood out heads and shoulders above the rest which made it a very easy decision. We both really appreciate the behind the scenes work you put in to help pull off yesterday afternoon, it made it work so well and was a very special moment! We would be honoured if you would be our photographer on our wedding day.
Josh and Shay”



holly + will.

“Hi Soph! Will and I got our wedding photos yesterday and we couldn’t be more happy. Right down to your packaging, everything was amazing. I nearly had tears! Thank you so much for all your time and effort!! You and Brooke were awesome to be with and made us feel so relaxed! Anyone after a wedding photographer would be crazy not to choose you! Thanks again!! xx”



christina + maurice.

“Thank you so much for this beautiful preview. We love it. I sent it to my mum in Ireland and I think her response sums it up well:
“That was so beautiful. I just felt like it was the whole day all over again. The photography is really special. I never knew you could capture such images. The emotions in every photo were caught to perfection. “



larissa + pete.

1. “Hi Soph, Just wanted to save a massive ‘thanks’ for Saturday! It was the most perfect day!!  You and Brooke were both so relaxed and passionate throughout the day, it really kept the momentum going throughout the photos.  Thanks so, so much. I loved the preview on facey too! Warmest regards, Larissa & Pete x”

2. “Hi Soph, We just want to say a huge thank-you for our beautiful wedding photography! The package you sent was just gorgeous,  and all the little things you did along the way before the wedding were incredible too. On the day you girls were great to work with, you kept us so relaxed and chilled! The album was perfect! No words can express how thankful we are for having such beautiful memories of our perfect day. We hope to work with you in the future for family shots, big events etc! ;) All the best, if you ever need a reference feel free to contact us. Warmest wishes, Larissa & Pete xxxx”



caroline + timothy.

“Hi Sophie! We got our photos today. Thank you so much, they are absolutely perfect. Everything in the package was just brilliant (and totally unexpected). You and Brooke did such an amazing job and made everyone feel so relaxed in the photos. Thank you both for your hard work! We can’t recommend you enough! Love Caroline & Tim”



dean + winona.

“Mate. Can I just say that you were excellent on our day. Cannot thank you enough for your great attitude and patience.  I’m soo excited to see the photos! – Dean”



ashleigh + daniel.

“Dear Sophie and Brooke. Words can not express how thankful Dan and I are with our wedding photos. You both did such an amazing job we will never be able to thank you enough. The photos you managed to catch in some of those crazy moments still amazes me every time I look through the photos :). I love how the photos are so natural and unposed, I love the special moments you caught not only between Dan and I but with everyone, I am getting so many comments from all our friends and family no one can believe how amazing the photos are everyone thinks we had the best photographer :). Thank you for all the extra’s you sent like the chocolates, thank you so much for that small photo album its so beautiful and Its something we will cherish forever. Thanks for being so friendly with all our guests at the wedding everyone loved you girls. If we ever need a photographer again we will never look for anyone else we will always get hold of you. Thanks a million Soph, Dan and Ash”



jamie-lee + luke.

“Holy moly Sophie! We’ve returned home and arrived to the most beautiful little package. You are honestly so thoughtful! You take so much pride in what you do and you are so amazingly good at it. We cannot thank you enough for the input you had to our day. For making us up a gorgeous little album, we never expected that and I can tell you we are so grateful and will cherish that little gift. We cannot wait to see the usb and put our photos you made for us up somewhere. Thank you so so much. Lots of love from Luke and Jamie-Lee xxxxxxxxxx”



hannah + daniel.

“Hi Sophie, Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the girls for being a part of our day! You are amazing at what you do and so very patient to put up with our misbehaving groomsmen and just the overall weirdness of every person in our lives haha. Fortunately you left before Eagle Rock came on and the boys all took off their pants!! Thank you again so very very much. Xxx”



dave + lexi.

“Thank you again for all the incredible photos. They are truly amazing. You captured the day in a way no one else could. We are so grateful.”



hayden + rosie.

“We were blessed to come across Sophie’s photography business after she was recommended to us by a friend. After looking through her work and having our first meeting with her over coffee we knew she was the person that we wanted to share with and photograph our special day. Sophie’s calming nature makes you feel so comfortable around her and really allowed us to relax and be ourselves which she captured so beautifully. When we received our photo book and selection of photos on USB in the mail we couldn’t contain our joy – everything was perfect (she even gave us a little treat to eat while we looked through them all hehe). I love how romantic and dreamy her photo style is… it captured every detail and mood throughout the day! When we look back at our photos we feel like we are reliving the best day of our lives and that is the best gift she could have ever given to us – and we are so blessed to have that with us forever. Thank you for everything Sophie, you are amazing! Rosie & Hayden”



dimity + kym.

“What can I say about Sophie Baker, but simply amazing. We received our wedding photos today and were gob smacked at our parcel & then to go through ALL of our photos we were just so happy to see all those photos which brought back all the memories of the day. Sharing some photos I received a lovely message from a friend in the UK; she was so touched that I was able to share our special day and she could see from the photos how much love we have for each other, even brought a tear to her eye. Thank you again Sophie for helping tell our story in your stunning photos. We cant wait to share another day with you in the future when hopefully a bundle of joy will be able to join us.”



dan and brittany.

“Thank you so much for all your work on the photos. Pretty much a dream come true to have you photograph Brittany and I, and there is no way I could possibly be happier with the results. I’m really glad I have three monitors on my computer, because I think I’ll be having a rotation of these photos running on them, haha.



madie + jake for mad rose films.

“Sophie Baker. You had me in tears!!!  Jake and I sat down and watched the video together and we were so in awe of what you captured. The photos are better than I imagined! Looking forward to putting these up on my website!!



stacey + craig

1. “”Sophie, to say Craig and I are ‘pleased’ with our wedding photos is an absolute understatement. I am probably the happiest person in the world right now. They are beautiful/amazing/perfect. I planned to hang 3-4 canvases up… Now I am planning a wallpaper because I can’t pick which ones I love the most! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I will continue to recommend you.”

2. “Sophie, words cannot express how extremely happy we both are with out wedding photos. Out of all of our wedding vendors you were the easiest to deal with and you have made us the happiest! Our photos made us look like experienced models on a bridal shoot – we have you to thank for that. Our wedding has now been published in the newspaper and several magazine sites, all of which commented on how fantastic our wedding photos are. You captured our day perfectly – there is not one moment that was not captured on your camera. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your professionalism and amazing talent which we will now cherish for the rest of our lives. Mr & Mrs. Jackson”



kate + david.

“Amazing!!!!!!! Love,love,love x1000000. Thank you so much!! I am so excited!!! You made the day easy! Dave hates having his photo taken and you were so good with him :) Thank you for our AMAZING photos, and our surprise inclusions! You are so talented!!! You made us amateurs look like models thank you so much! I’ll recommend you to everyone Xx”


Sophie Baker Photography©

mother & daughter.

I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you!!!!! The images are absolutely beautiful and you have captured my daughter’s spirit and how happy she makes me so perfectly!! I couldn’t have asked for more. x



leeroy + bek.

“Hi Sophie! I am so happy already with those few photos you have put up on Facebook, we have had a lot of awesome feedback form friends and family and cannot wait to see all the photos! We can’t say enough how pleased we are with how lovely you are and how you made us both feel so comfortable! Bek is so excited to see the final product and we will always look back on what a fun experience this was. Thank you so much Sophie, and I will be recommending you to my mates and family! – Leeroy”



katie + jon.

“Thank you so much you are amazing, I shed a few tears and I am so happy and thankful for you. You really are an amazing photographer and we will definitely hire you for any big events that we want photographed. You are so lovely, fun and up beat. They are amazing; Jon is a hard person to “wow” and you did it. Thank you so much, we truly appreciate you and your photos. We feel like we just relived the day and we are so excited. We can’t wait to see what you do with the wedding. We could feel the love coming out of the photos and you did more than what I ever thought possible. I can’t say enough to tell you how grateful we are and how happy these have made us :) :)”



the jeffrey family.

“I highly recommend Sophie to anyone seeking incomparable service and photographs of exceptional quality. Sophie has a gift where she is able to capture individuals in their very essence. We have utilised Sophie’s services on several occasions and each time we have been blown away by the product we were presented with. Our daughter is particularly camera shy, yet Sophie – with her warm nature and innovative techniques – has been able to deliver photographs that we will treasure for a lifetime. – Charmaine”



chris + aleece.

“Sophie, thank you so much for capturing our special day. The photos are candid, natural and simply beautiful. I have had many comments from family and friends on how amazing they are. You were so nice and easy to deal with. You made myself and Chris feel so comfortable during the photography. Most of the time we even forgot you were there! Thank you for making every moment of our wedding come back tl life whenever we look through our photo album. Aleece & Chris”



the wilks family.

“Our photography session with Sophie was an absolute delight. We has so much funt asking and laughing throughout the session. Her warmth and patience made the experience incredibly enjoyable, and her willingness to take extra time to make amazing photos blew us away. The beautiful photography she produced is something we will treasure forever.”



brett + kat.

“Our wedding was an amazing day and we now have a photo album that truly captured all aspects of our special day. Sophie was very professional, which helped on a day where things can easily overwhelm. She was great during the official photoshoot and took the time to get the perfect shot. She even drove half an hour with us to go to our second shoot location. We couldn’t be more happy with out choice to se Sophie Baker Photography for our wedding. Brett & Kat.”



the snelling family.

“Our family was delighted with the results of our photoshoot with Sophie. She managed 7 adults and 3 kids under 4 as a true professional – calm, clear and with a happy smile/ We found her to be flexible and very willing to listen to our ideas. Thanks Sophie!”



++ more lovin’ ++


jane oliver.

“Thank you lovely Sophie for a wonderful afternoon, you made the shoot so relaxed and fun. Thank you also for your patience with our lil’ guy :)”


naomi sprudzans.

“You did an absolutely amazing job ❤ I cannot stop looking at them x”


janet chamberlain.

“Sophie, you truly were the right person for the job. Fantastic photos, you captured such special moments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


viviana + nic zappacosta

“Sophie, you have captured the love and joy of the day. I am so thankful for your gift that you have given abundantly on this special day, the wedding of our daughter Madeleine to gorgeous Jacob. The photos are just stunning. You were such a delight to work with on the day and you captured such wonderful shots.”



“I would just like to say that I was very impressed with your photos from my sister’s wedding. You are very talented, and thank you so much for being there :)”