A few weeks ago, my friend Will sent me a message. He’d found some rolls of film in the bag of an old camera that he had bought, and knowing that he himself would never have them developed, sent me a tantalizing photo of them. I was immediately in. Will passed the rolls on to me and I sent them down my incredible lab in Sydney, who handle all of my film work.

      The rolls are from somewhere around 1987, which puts them at approximately 28 years old! I gave the lab team the heads up, and while one roll came back blank, they were able to salvage a few images on the second, and now, here we are – a mystery wedding and a young lad washing his car, almost lost to the digital age.

      Do you know these people? Are their cars familiar?
      How amazing it would be if we could pass these images back to them, all these years later,
      in all of their aged, filmy, light-leaky goodness!

      Pass it around friends! Let’s find them!



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