Ted + Clare.
      Married on the 21st April 1955

      How did you two meet?
      “It was a blind date! My cousin, Fleur, set it up. She had arranged a barbeque at McLean’s bridge and suggested I come along for Ted. Originally I quite objected to her setting me up! But I went along in the end.” – Clare

      When was your favourite time together?
      “I think now. It’s just lovely, just the two of us here together,
      I’m really relishing this time and I’m thankful for it.” – Clare
      “All the time.” – Ted

      What do you love most about each other?
      “She looks after me all the time. I’m always well fed.” – Ted
      “He’s very easy to live with; he’s so thoughtful and considerate.” – Clare

      What are your secrets to a long lasting marriage?
      “Do as you’re told all the time,” *cheeky grin* “we’ve never done anything that either of us didn’t want to do.” – Ted
      “Tolerance, on both sides. Everything has always been ‘ours,’ everything is shared and we’ve always made decisions together.” – Clare

      What has been your most valuable lesson learned from marriage?
      “Tolerance, again, and I hope we’ve set a good example for our family to follow.”


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