hannah | baby bump


It seems like just yesterday that we got together to photograph this pregnancy announcement shoot, and now the day that I felt like was so far away is only one month away. 4 weeks… four weeks until this little baby comes into the world. So, naturally, I bundled Han up for a baby bump shoot in a place where lots of our milestones have taken place together – countless birthdays, our high school formal prep, Han’s wedding prep, and now, her first baby bump shoot.

The next time Han appears in a blog, there’ll be a tiny little baby in tow.. WHEE!


002-hannah-maternity_sophie-baker-photography 011-hannah-maternity_sophie-baker-photography 003-hannah-maternity_sophie-baker-photography 005-hannah-maternity_sophie-baker-photography 012-hannah-maternity_sophie-baker-photography 009-hannah-maternity_sophie-baker-photography

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