Belle & Rohan – Surprise Engagement Session

You may recognise these faces.
I had the pleasure of photographing Belle & Rohan several weeks ago.
But this time, it was different.
This time, there was a surprise.
I knew what it was, Rohan knew what it was… Belle had no idea.
The surprise was for her.

You see, a few weeks ago, not long after their first couple’s shoot, I got a phone call from Rohan.
He had a ring, and he had an idea.

So together we planned this second shoot.
Belle loved Currumbin Beach, and I had not done many beach shoots – therein lay our cover.
So, under the guise of a portfolio extension, Belle & Rohan met me on the beach for their second couple’s shoot.
It was windy, but it was beautiful.

They are a wonderful couple,
so comfortable together, so in love,
so willing for anything and so great to photograph.

As the sun went down we made our way to a secluded area for the final few shots,
and that’s when the magic happened.
It was so beautiful to be a part of, and thanks to Rohan’s great thinking they now have their special moment frozen in time forever.

Scroll on and enjoy.

Congratulations Belle & Rohan
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of it all.
Enjoy this time together!

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