amy + craig | collaborative shoot


This all began sitting around a loungeroom in Brisbane, courtesy of the incredible Jesh De Rox.
I met Don – a deep-thinking and incredibly kind photographer visiting from Washington – and we clicked. Such good things were shared and it was decided that if he was ever down my way during his travels we should catch up and have some photographic fun together. It didn’t take long; just a few weeks later Don was nearby by visiting his good friend and fellow photographer Ben, and before I knew it, we had locked in a date to catch up and shoot!

We put the call out for a couple willing to be subject to not one but three photographers for an afternoon – and while we got many amazing people putting their hands up, it was Amy & Craig who stood out to the three of us.

Amy is a free-spirited vintage-loving hippy with a giggle that comes from her very soul. She runs a vintage clothing boutique (aptly named Vintage Hippy) and loves a spot of body painting and all things openly creative. She also loves Craig – her mo-hawked, punk rocker fiancé with a shy temperament and a heart of gold.

This shoot was just for fun, it was to watch and learn how each of us worked – we all have such varied styles. I take the Beloved approach and look for triggers to draw out heartfelt emotions, Ben wasn’t afraid to try out the craziest of poses for the greatest of rewards, while Don was climbing all manner of rickety buildings to get that angle that no-one else had seen before. Not only is our active approach to shooting completely varied, but so is the way that we shoot, the way that we tell our cameras to catch each moment. It was an incredible experience to see what two other people could do with the same scene before you.

This is Amy & Craig, as seen by me.

(and as seen by Don, and as seen by Ben)

002-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 003-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 004-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 005-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 006-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 007-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 008-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 009-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 010-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 011-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 012-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 013-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 014-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 015-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 016-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 017-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 018-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 019-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 020-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 021-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 022-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 023-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 024-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 025-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 026-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 027-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 028-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 029-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography


In his travels, Don carted an astronaut suit around with him (because we all have room for an astronaut suit…)
He is creating a photographic series, and we got to be a tiny part of that – thanks Don! So, while adding to his series, we also shot a few sneaky Hippy + Astronaut couple photos just for fun…

030-astronaut-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 031-astronaut-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 032-astronaut-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 033-astronaut-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 034-astronaut-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 035-astronaut-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 036-astronaut-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography


The photojournalist in me could not help but take some behind-the-scenes photos in the midst.
Because three photographers on the one shoot is a whacky and wonderful sight.

037-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 038-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 039-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 040-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 041-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 042-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 043-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 044-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 045-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 046-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography 047-bts-amy-craig-mount-tamborine-sophie-baker-photography

Let’s do it again sometime ;)


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